Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 494: Lanie!

Lanie came to Knoxville for the National Showdown of Champions - Clogging Competition. And...I got to go to see with her!! Here is to perfect friends, good meals, and genuine conversation.

I didn't have a photo from the competition, so I went with some wedding favorites.

Love you Lanie.

Jesus loves you more.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 484: Era by Kristi

Thank you! This boutique might be the best concept that has ever come to the District in Bearden.
Well, first let me explain...
Kristi is back, and they are in their original location. Circa 1999 (I think) and my days of working retail in the district before is was the district.

And they have start something new.

Era by Kristi.

It's "The Fahsion Forward Approach to Designer COnsignment." Not only do you get a good deal on great items, but when you show up in something new to you, no one is going to say - "oh yea, I just saw that in the window at _______."
I picked out a cute little dress for $37. I admit, I never thought I would see a recipt from Kristi for $37. But, it I look forward to many more wonderful finds at Era. And, I am glad to have Kristi back too and look forward to seeing what's new and what's new to me.

Here are a few items from their Facebook page.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 483: Norris

It was a day off. No work pressing. No job searching to do. no snow to keep us inside. Today was MLK Day. In honor of our freedom and our love to America, we ended up on a little road trip through Norris Tennessee. I have been to the Norris Dam as a child and have known a bit of the history. But I learn a little more and loved the drive through this adorable community.

Here's a little overview:

During the 1930s and 1940s the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) built, owned, and administered the community of Norris for fifteen years. After World War II, the government decided to sell the town at auction. On June 15, 1948, real estate broker Henry David Epstein, acting as head of a Philadelphia-based syndicate bought the town for $2,107,500. The Norris Citizens Development Corporation, which had been organized by local residents, raised $1,900,000 but was unable to meet the top bid. In the ensuing years Epstein’s group eventually sold all 341 homes to the citizens. In 1949, the Tennessee General Assembly granted the town a charter of incorporation, and Norris became an independent self-governing community. Continue reading about this "American Ideal"->


Day 481: Celbrating at Preservation Pub

Saturday night we had a lot to celebrate! Brad got a fabulous job offer on Friday. So, Saturday night, we headed out to Preservation Pub. We told a couple friends we would eb there, in case anyone want to drop by. Well, clearly my husband is pretty popular, cause about 30 people came by to congratulate him. It was so fun and we got to see the new upstairs. You can still enjoy live band from downstairs. But updatirs has got more seating and is a little quiter. It is also better for those of us who want a smoke free location.
Here's to a great night!
And here's to my husband, Brad, and his fabulous new job!


Day 482: Starbucks (Confessions of a Chain Connoisseur Part II)

Well, the confessions continue as I must admit, I love this place...

Yep, i am all but addicted to Starbucks. And come in often enough to have conversations about engagements and taking out the trash and the weather with the lovely staff at the Knox Plaza location near our house.
My favorite time there is Sunday mornings. I go before church, have my quiet time, pray for the day, oh, and load up with a "venti pikes peak with room for cream." Sunday mornings are fun for me, but they are a bit of a marathon, so this is a perfect way to start the day.

Honestly, coffee, my BIble, and my journal...that is the perfect way to start any day!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 480: The Flower Guy

For years, women on first dates with hopelessly romantic men in downtown Knoxville have come face to face with a dark haired stranger. He is not an urban legend. He is always there, subtlety making his presence known, even if you never know his name. (And even if he cannot be found via any internet search when you are trying to find a photo or additional content for your blog entry.)
He is the flower man. He strolls downtown Knoxville and sells roses each night. For first or second dates. For anniversaries no doubt. Or, in my case, on a random Thursday night while grabbing dinner with my husband after downtown meetings.
2 red roses=a sweet Thursday memory.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 479: Panera (Confessions of a Chain Connoisseur)

I didn't know what to call this post...
...Confessions of a Chain Connoisseur?
...Kumbaya food?
...places where I secretly spend vast amount of time?

I honestly didn't really want to admit this. I want to be that person who only patronizes local businesses. I want to be cool and different. But I am not. I go here...

A lot.

I love to meet the girls from West High School at Panera in Merecedes Place. In fact, yesterday morning, I think we really made our presence known as we enjoyed breakfast there before school. i also love to meet other friends and church members there or at another Panera somewhere in town. They are everywhere and they are reliably a good choice. And the soups. I love the soups. I also love the new little card where they are tacking what I buy and trying to market to me in some complex fashion. I love it, cause I get lots free goodies.

So, yes, I confess.

My name is Katie and I frequent Panera Bread.

Next, well, tune in to see my other favorite. Hint: look across the street.

Day 478:

Our neighborhood, Forest Heights is the latest neighborhood to be profiled on the Neighborhood Guide., noted that, "Located just off of Sutherland Avenue, and just a hop skip and a jump from Kingston Pike, Forest Heights is right in the heart of Bearden in close-in West Knoxville." It goes onto highlight nearby amenities, including the Third Creek leg of the Knoxville Greenway system, the EarthFare/Kroger/Fresh Market grocery triangle, restaurants within easy walking distance. The look of the neighborhood is also celebrated, particularly the cottages, tudor styles, lots of stone accents. Plus, they note we have a wonderful neighborhood association. Here is more of what they "dig" about our neighborhood:
* an older home with tons of character
* a very walkable neighborhood
* a location right in the thick of things, surrounded by restaurants and shops
* something very convenient to downtown, UT and I-40
Read the review here (source)->

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 477: Alfred Angelo

Guess who is the newest (and I am sure the best ever) consultant at Alfred Angelo?

Hint #1: She was there when I got my fabulous wedding dress.

Hint #2: She paid for it.

It's my mom! Congratulations mom! I know she'll be a tremendous blessing to so many girls and their families as they shop of the perfect dress and enjoy this sweet time of life.

And while you are there at the Turkey Creek Alfred Angelo boutique, you can ask her how to have a happy, fun marriage and a loving family. She and my dad are celebrating another wonderful year together - Happy Anniversary to my parents!!

Day 476: The Outlaws

That is what they are calling themselves. I am not quite sure why. But, the newest, coolest thing that is going on around my life is a group that I am not in. It's a group of college groups who Brad has started meeting with. Our prayer for them is that they will each know a little more of the Lord.
I don't really know what they talk about, but I think it is a time for the to be real with each other and challenge one another. And i know they are starting to read this book, by one of Brad's new favorite guys Xan Hood. It is about "a journey to re-cultivate masculinity in our culture today. We believe that much of what is missing is only a matter of rediscovering it in people, past, and stories. We are in search of this lost part of a man." Check out more on Xan's blog->

Oh and these guys can really put back the Chicken casserole.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 475: 6 months

6 months.
We have been married 6 months.
I have been thinking about it all day, and here are 4 things I have thought about. I wanted to think of 6, but these 5 were perfect.
1. My grandparents have been married for over 50 years. That means we have experience less than 1% of what they have experienced.
2. Marriage is never ending. Every great thing i have been a part of had some sort of end or finish line in sight. Graduation. The literal finish line of a race. These all end relatively soon, when compared to marriage. We get to do this for years and years and years to come!
3. All the cliches are true - it seems like we just got started and at the same time it seems like we have been married forever.
4. I just started a study of Habakkuk and while the context is totally different, this quote sticks with me from that text. "You would not believe [what would happen] if you were told."
5. You can watch reruns of the local news basically any time of day. It is very convenient.
Happy anniversary!

Day 474: The Roundabout

Sunday was a fun day for "The Roundabout." That is what we call the kindergarten and 1st grade class at 2nd Pres. Each Sunday morning, they get together to have fun and learn about the Lord. What was new Sunday? Mindy is there new teach. She will be there each week to pour talk about the Lord and build a relationship with His kids.
This is such a fun class. Here are a few of my favorite things you can learn from my kindergarten and 1st grade friends.

-If you have too many boys in your life, just keep coloring - that's what the 2 girls in this class of 13 boys do.

-You are never to young to break dance.

-If you stay up past 11pm, you might as well say you stayed up all night!

-Sledding is an excellent metaphor for life.

It's going to be a fun time in The Roundabout!

"Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us" - Hebrews 12:1b

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 473: The Spotted Frog

It's been open for months, but since I don't live out in Farragut, I had not made it to Turkey Creek's newest treasure, The Spotted Frog. I stopped in today and was delighted. I thought it was more of a gift shop, and they do have great gifts and jewelry and cute little things for the home. But, there are lots of clothes...and shoes...and more clothes. All at a great price point. Everything was a little fun, not generic. But still very wearable. I'll definately be back to check it out again!

And I might go back for a pair of boots like this. Or the version in Go Vols Big Orange!!

Check them out on Facebook (photo source)->
Or on their homepage (logo source)->

PS - Their Motto: Classy and Sassy. Thanks you Katie Arthur.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 471: 16 New Orphanages

This is not happening in is happening across the country to impact kids in India, Haiti, South Africa and Rwanda. We are supporting more homes and you can be a part of the change. Get involved now->
Learn more and follow the cause->

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 470: Sweet Cece's

Their modo is "making sweet memories one cup at a time." That's exactly what we had today. I got to hang out with some of my favorite 2nd Pres girls at Knoxville's newest yogurt shop, Sweet Cece's. It is just down the street from the church, and we have did not hve church tonight. So, it was a perfect Wednesday for frozen yogurt. As Hyatt and I headed over, it was snowing. Yep, frozen yogurt in the snow. That's when you know that fun is more important than logic.
We laughed a lot and talked about our plans for the year...lunches, our small group, and pajamas. Then, we prayed for tests and spelling bees and snow days. Then, Elizabeth prayed, "Lord, let there be snow - snow up to my waist!" Elizabeth is about 3 and half feet tall. That is a lot of snow. It's 11pm now and I think there is still a chance that her wish just might come true!

Quote of the afternoon

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed it’s the only things that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dat 468: Pot Roast

No, mine did not look like that one. The pot roast above belongs to the Pioneer Woman. But, I did use a variation on 2 of her recipes (this one and this one) to make my first pot roast. Pot roast has never been my favorite, but it is one of Brads. This recipe had a lot of flavor. So, not only was I proud of my new culinary experience - I enjoyed eating it too!

Here's the recipe...cause I am addicted to blogs that feature recipes. I am such a wannabe.

Combine the following ingredigents and cook on low for 8 hours in your crock pot.
* 1 1/2 lbs. Pot Roast (this was the smallest i could find)
* 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
* 2 whole Onions (quartered)
* 4 Red Potatoes (sliced very thick)
* 1/2 bag baby Carrots
* Salt To Taste
* Pepper To Taste
* 2 cans of Beer (we stock PBR)
* Worcester, 3 tablespoons or maybe it was more
* Thyme, one tablespoon
* Parsley, be generous
* Garlic powder (because who keep around fresh garlic to mince at your leisure), one tablespoon

Next time, I will look to include more Worcester


Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 467 and 453: Annual Reunions

One of my favorite things about Christmas is time with my favs and favorite high school friends.
Every year, for the past 3 years, I have enjoyed our holiday Christmas Tea with my favs, who i have loved and shared life wiht for the past 8 years...almost 9! this year, I wanted them to know know...

1. Everyone needs a Christmas tree. Not when you have a "big enough place." Not when you get married. Not "next year." We are all a part of Christ's story. Now. This year. Today.

2. Christmas is about receiving! Christ is God's gift to us. Open your heart to this life giving truth.

3. We all have hard times. These girls are incredible. Amazing. Fantastically accomplished women. But even they have hard times and questions about life. And we are blessed with our friends to push us, pull us, and carry us through. Friends are God's way of taking care of us.

This 3rd point is what brings me to another fabulous holiday reunion. every year, for longer than I can remember, I get together with my wonderful high school friends, the Zins. We just get better with age. Lots has changed over the years. Loves. Loss. Marathons. Moves across the state, over the mountains, and to the big apple. Grad schools. Careers. Kids. Through each stage, we have a common thread. And even when one of us can't make it, there is always the promise of next year! These are not just my locker partners...they are soul mates.

But we missed Jess's pic taking this year. Here's some vintage Zin!

Day 459-466: 2nd Pres Ski Trip. I learned to Ski

I get to spend most days with the sleepers, crawlers, walkers, runners, readers, and cool kids (aka the birth thru 5th graders at our church). But this past week, I joined our youth on their ski trip, as Brad and I found ourselves on our first ministry trip together.
It is not a new thing. Our church has been doing it for 29 years. For longer than I have been able to walk, 2nd Pres has been taking high school kids skiing. Brad and I have been praying for this trip for months and we had a great time.
I learned to ski and so much more. Here are some highlights of our trip:
Fact: If you drive a bus for 24+ hours, it will break down.
Fact: When learning to ski, it is critical to first learn how to stand up if you fall over.
Fact: You don't have to be so afraid of going fast. Let the slope naturally slow you down. (This is true in skiing and in life.)
Fact: 20 below = COLD. Yes, 20 degrees below zero.
Fact: There is never anything you can or will ever do that will make God love you any more, or any less. Nothing.
Fact: Inside jokes never get old.
Fact: The Cross of Christ is were the human story insects with the Holy one.
Fact: "When you are old, it doesn't matter how much money you have. It matters how many stories you have to tell." - The Big Hoohah
Fact: Those who are significant live for God.
Fact: We all need revelation, repentance, resistance, and relationship.
Fact: "Ohana Means Family, Family Means No One Gets Left Behind." - Janette, Tiffany, and Lilo
Fact: The more we know about who we are, the more we can understand about who God is. And vice versa.
Fact: I skied a BLUE!