Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 365: One year

It's officially, my anniversary.

One year ago today, I moved from Spartanburg, SC to Knoxville, TN. I launched this blog, previously titled "Rediscovering Rocky Top." I got engaged. I bought a house. Started a new job. And then we got married.
What a year it has been.

And how do you celebrate and process everything that has happened in such a season of change...

To be continued....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day ???: Christy's and Cookeville

Saturday I skipped the UT game for a fabric-buying, bakery-tasting, girl-fun day trip with my mom. Knoxville fabric stores in insufficient for my mother, the semi-professional seamstress with always discriminating tastes. So, we road up the road toward middle Tennessee and found some great finds in Cookeville.
After our visit to Hancocks fabrics in Cookeville, we went down the street to Christy's cafe and bakery. I've heard about this so many times. But, I've never had the time to stop and enjoy, until today. I had the chicken salad and the croissant it came on who amazing! Next time I am though there, I'll be back to pick up a cake or dessert! Yum!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Day ???: Red Bones on the River

Driving down highway 70 West of Knoxville will take you though Kingston. Plenty of history and plenty of fun on the water. Perfectly placed in that mix is Red Bones on the Water. A colonial home has been converted into this laid back barbeque and good times venue with the slogan, "Get Your Happy On."
We sat on the patio and were surrounded by a great crowd. A couple enjoying a bottle of wine on a very long, romantic date. A hilarious group of old friends who seem to drive in from various parts of East Tennessee to ""Get Your Happy On"" quite regularly. A table of ladies having a girls night out, complete with lots of laughter and maybe some sort of announcement. Anyway, everyone was having a great time. So were we. It's been a busy couple months of twists and turn and busyness, it was so nice to get just out of town for a relaxing dinner on a later summer evening. (It still feels like late summer and Red Bones would always seem to have that carefree feel.)
All that and a great meal of ribs, chicken strips, chocolate cobbler, great service...for under #30. Wow.
Visit Red Bones online at>

Photo Credit: Mike Berry - my favorite local artist!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quote of the Morning...

Maybe God isn't holding up a perfect picture. Maybe God is writing a bigger story. - Carey Nieuwhof

This reminds me of one of my all time favorite quotes:
You don't have to be perfect. Especially on Wednesdays. - my brother

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day ???: Lunch Club and...

It is Wednesday. So, it is almost time for lunch with Alex, Julia, Michele, and Brittany. I have been working on Kids Crossing all morning and will be at the chuch until late tonight. So, this is a perfect mid-day diversion.

Note: This photo includes lunch club member Alex, as well as another favorite wedding attendant - Meredith!! Happy Birthday Meredith - you are an amazing friend and I can't imagine my life without you! I have learn so much from you and leaned on you in so many ways! Bagels, Duty-disciple-delight, ATL, homemade journals, and so much more!

Here's to the Lunch Club and to Meredith!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day ???: Fountain City

Tonight will be the 4th night in just over a week that I'll be in Fountain City or North Knoxville. For many of you, that sounds like no big deal. Sure, I've enjoyed Litton's (see Day 14), Creamery Park (see Day 270), and I've always been a fan of the duck pond. But for me, a girl who grew up "almost out to Dixie Lee Junction", North Knoxville is like another city.

Note: If you knew where Dixie Lee Junction was before Season's was established, then you and I are kindred spirits...and/or we were on the same bus route in middle school.

Now, this little Farragut girl is all grown up and made the move into town. Frankly, Bearden is a whole other city from the world where I grew up. Now, I have countless friends in North Knoxville, and yes my grandparents live there too. Plus, as I minister to children at 2nd Pres, we have several families from Shannondale and Fountain City Elementary Schools.

So, it's time to learn and share a bit about my favorite North Knoxville neighborhood, Fountain City.

So, in my search, here's a little History (source) )
By the 1950s, Fountain City was home to over 30,000 residents. Knoxville, seeking to expand its tax base and form a metropolitan government, attempted to annex Fountain City in 1959. A mail poll showed that Fountain Citians opposed the annexation by a 10 to 1 margin, and the community filed a lawsuit to block it. After Knoxville made a number of concessions, including a one-year moratorium on city taxes, the lawsuit was dropped. On February 12, 1962, in a ceremony that included a mock funeral for what was deemed the death of Fountain City, the community's leaders handed over a symbolic sword to Knoxville mayor John Duncan.

And here's a few Views (source)

Day ???: Abode

Monday night's Wine Tasting was at Abode. Sweet and stylish miss Mollie is the manager of this great store on Market Square. Everything about Abode makes you feel at home but also inspires creativity with little twists on the expected - like funky birdhouses, great dishes, and imaginative votive holders.
Here are a few of my favorite things from their blog.

(Yes, you saw this on my coffee table.)

Check it out at>

Day ???: JLK Wine Tasting

Monday night was the JLK Wine Tasting at Abode, a lovely boutique on Market Square. It was a fun evening, with our cute table! We also learned a lot - there are so many things you can think about when you serve wine, it is hard to keep it all straight.
But, here are 3 things I learned that I will definitely remember:
1. You can serve certain reds with salmon, like a Pinot Noir.
2. The fruity, peach wine we had isn't just for desserts. It would be appropriate for an appetizer.
3. Malbec is the hots trend in red wine. Malbec is spelled M.A.L.B.E.C.

So, now, i know some little wine facts - and so do my friends! Happy entertaining!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day ???: Growing family

One added bonus of married life...more great family! I met Brad's Texas cousins earlier this year and instantly loved them! No, there is even more to love!

Introducing... Porter

8 lbs
9 oz
20.5 inches
Born last night!

I can't wait to meet him in person soon!!!

Day ???: One Tree Grille

No, it's not a CW favorite, it's a new restaurant right in our neighborhood. Sunday after church, we headed to One Tree Grille, to see if it would be our new favorite. Brad loved the hamburger (which is his ultimate test) and my crab cake egg benedict, from the brunch menu, were perfect. And their fresh fruit was simply amazing. It takes a lot for fresh fruit in a restaurant to really be that good, but this was.
As this new location looks exactly like the restaurant that formerly occupied the space, it still must be doing something right, because it is still unique. There was a fun crowd, with lots of folks we knew, from ages 25 to 75. And it carried a very neighborhood feel.
The Shops at Western Plaza is one of my favorite strips in all of Knoxville, with the Fresh Market, Mary (aka Day 20), Runner's Market (how have I not blogged about Runner's Market???), and Natural Alternatives (aka Day 34). And One Tree Grille will be a welcome addition!

Oh, wait, I almost forgot - we also had the key lime pie for dessert. Yum!! You've got to check this place out!

Click here for the website and menu at>
Check out the facebook/photo credit->

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Days ???: The other Newlyweds

During my blogging break, not only did we get married - but so did a lot of our friends!!
We had...

The perfectly Christ-centered, country club party with Taylor Russell and so many fabulous friends here in Knoxville.

Then it was Jess and Sloan's perfect, southern, intimate, playful, yet sophistacted affair. Very "Zin". Very "high class hippie."

(Note pic from engagement session.)

And finally, we headed off to Florida for destination wedding in Destin. Amazing party (all weekend long) with Tyler and Katie. We miss you now that you are back in Germany!

There was also Lee and Brett, Deidre and Todd. But we were unfortunately not able to make it to weddings over our honeymoon! What a happy time of year!

Next up...Joe, Mollie, Shawn, and Marty...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day ???: Kids Crossing

"If Jesus walked through the door and you could ask Him anything, what would it be?"

"Can I please have a minute to win it!?"

"Raffle. Raffle. Raffle."

"Dear God, thank you for this day and hank you for my church and thank you for my friends."

Wednesday is my new favorite day of the week. We have kicked off the fall at 2nd Pres. Everything start with a great meal, then our kids head up to choir, and adults and youth make their way to meetings. Mid-evening, when choir is over, we head into Kid's Crossing. It is a little loud, a lot of silliness, and so much fun. Then, we sit down for the every-popular raffle and more games. Then, the evening wraps up with a talk, about Jesus and what he has to say about life and time for "M&Ms." "M&Ms" are our small groups, were kids answer questions based on the M&M they choose.
We love Wednesday nights at 2nd Pres! Check it out!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day ???: Junior League of Knoxville

"See others as they are, not as we are."

Last night was the JLK leadership retreat. It is exciting to be in a new League and I am consistently impressed with JLK's organization and structure. This is one well oiled machine! Being a new vice chair and filling in for the evening, I learned a lot.

I have highlighted our community projects in a previous post and our Community Research and Project Development team will be looking at future projects where the League can make a lasting impact on the Knoxville community.

Now, here is a look at our Fundraising Projects, committed to supporting these efforts in the community and developing women leaders along the way!

Tinsel and Treasure

The 9th Annual Tinsel and Treasure will be November 4 - 6, 2010, at a new location, the Knoxville Convention Center. Special Events this year include:
* A Luncheon with Barbara Dooley on that Friday.
* Gingerbread House Building Contest with local Celebrity Chefs on that Thursday
* Candy Canes & Cocktails party Friday night!
* The Pink Team from the Biggest Loser will be at Tinsel on Saturday.
* Chorus Groups will sing Christmas Carols througout the weekend.
More about Tinsel and Treasure->

Belk Event

Each year Belk West Town Mall holds an exclusive shopping event benefiting the Junior League's Mini Grants Program for Knox County Schools. The Junior League of Knoxville and Belk partner to award mini-grants in the amount of $50 to $500 on a competitive basis to teachers for innovative classroom projects. This year's event will be held on Sunday November 21st.
More about the Belk Event->

Each spring, this GIANT one-day rummage sale raises funds to support the Junior League’s 20 plus community programs. The sale includes new and gently used items offered at bargain prices. 2011 will be Bag-a-Bargain's 25th year and that committee is already at work to make it extra fabulous!
For more information click here->

Spring Gala
The League year would not be complete without a Spring Event! Last year we were out of town for the Rose Gala, but i loved their tag line, "Big Hats, Bigger Hearts." Can't wait to see what this committee develops for 2010.

The Junior League of Knoxville is "author" to three fantastic cookbooks, all including the treasured family recipes of our members. They are Dining in the Smoky Mountain Mist, Tennessee Tables, and The Pear Tree.
More about Cookbooks->

Here is to a great year with JLK!

Photo credit

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day ???: Recipes

So, an absolute favorite part of married life is cooking at home. Monday night we were home and got to enjoy white chicken pasta (I sauteed green peppers in it this time, per my husband's request) and spiced carrots, along with rolls. I may never be the ultimate recipe blogger, like Laura and her special treats. But I collected so many recipes and cookbooks during our engagement, that I am loving exploring them all!
So, if you are hungry for supper, please stop by. We'll be on the back porch and there is always an extra seat!

Day ???: On the Lake

As the summer ends, we are finally getting some nice time on the water with our sweet friends. David and Ashley! There is nothing like a Sunday afternoon in the sun, in the upper 80's, when you meet your friends "at the dock." I can't believe I have not done this sooner! One of my favorite things about life in East Tennessee.

We love y'all!

Day ???: Tweeting @KatieLFitch

I am back to tweating away, follow me @KatieLFitch.
Here's my bio. All about me in 160 character. What do you think? Does that sum me up?

In love with Ktown. Serving 2nd Pres families. Passionate about Christ. Dedicated to service and social change. Newlywed to my best friend. -Katie Landon Fitch

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day ???: Strong Women Soft Hearts

This weekend was: Windy Gap, feelings of "home", a little solitude, laughter, truth, and peace. I was at Women's Weekend! It was highlighted by friendly faces, a silly appearance on the stage, lots of coffee, and (of course) the Sippy porch.
Our speaker was Paula Rinehart, author of several books, including Strong Women, Soft Hearts. Here are a few key thoughts from the weekend...
* The Lord patiently stalked Anne Lamott...and me...and you.
* "There are parts of me that have never heard God."
* "Carry each other's burdens...[AND] each one should carry his own load." - Galatians 6:2a, 5
* My place, what I was made for, is the intersection of my deepest gladness and the world's deepest hunger.
*"God does not leave you with a list of things to do and then come back at 5pm to see if it is done." - Paula Rinehart

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wedding Memories

In honor of our 2 month anniversary, here are some of my favorite memories of our wedding weekend. There are too many to hit them all, but here are a few (totally unedited, so beware of typos)...
* Thursday night. Amazing shower. Pink decorations, a perfect bouquet, lots of friends from forever and from right now, and "The Katie-tini". Seriously, how in the world did Marci plan all that from Nashville. Best MOH in history.
* From drop off on Thursday to Friday set up to every moment of the wedding - our reception venue The Women's Basketball Hall of Fame rocked!
* Tea cups. Charms. Pink table runners. Picture perfect Bridal Tea. For me and my 18 bridesmaids/junior bridesmaids, plus family at Farragut's Apple Cake Tea Room. It was one of about 7,921 things that mom amazing mother made absolutely amazing.
* Standing up at the bridal tea, it was all I could do to tell each of these amazing women just one thing they had taught me. It was a sweet, sentimental moment...and then Angie came up to ask for further clarification on her one word.
* My mother-in-law knows how to through a rehearsal dinner. Wow! From the invitations to the menu to the custom art to the appearance by "Willie Nelson" to the incredible menu and table decoration, it was wonderful. And the desserts!! Wow!
* All the rehearsal toasts. Every single one was so special. Though, a vast majority of them remarked on my lack of vocal talent. Thanks y'all.
* After the toasts were made, Brad and I stood in front of the room. I looked out over so many faces I love so much. I was overwhelmed with thankfulness as Brad expressed our graditude. I was speechless. Speechless.
* Throughout the weekend, I got to see just the right people at just the right times. Like catching Bret Allen's eye when people toasted to t-shirt designs or laughing with the preserves early on the wedding morning.
* I was so excited, that every morning that week I was up with the sun - ready to go. The morning of the wedding, 6am. Awake. Ready. It was like the lord woke me up and said, "Katie, before this day gets too busy and full of so many wonderful people, I want you to spend some time with me." I got up, ran 4 miles along the Tennessee River. I knew life was exactly as it should be and I was right where God wanted me.
* Ephesians. Husbands and wives. What an incredible calling.
* When I found out my Grandma Ce could not attend the wedding, it was the hardest moment of our engagement for me. But that morning, as I was in the salon (just before i got my makeup done, ironically), she called. It was a bitter sweet, precious conversation I will cherish forever. And throughout the weekend, it was precious to see my Aunt Debbie there, as stand in grandmother, loving me so well every step of the way.
* We did see each other before the wedding. In the picture perfect courtyard of the church (thanks to Amanda and Andrew). I will never forget it. And the only thing better than my custom earrings by Diana Warner (which I woke for the reception) was my wedding gift from Brad. It was diamond earring from his grandmother Evelyn, who passed away the month before. Thank you Uncle Randy for making her memory part of our special day!
* My bouquet was incredible, as where all of the flowers by the reknown Samueal Franklin. Perfect orchids. Perfect lighting on them. Perfect ring bouquets. Perfect everything.
* To top it off, my bouquet included a fan that my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother all carried on their wedding day. Rachel and Maddie, where you are ready, I've got your "100 YEAR OLD FAN!!"
* Right before I walked down the aisle, Bret, Kim, and Merissa led my bridesmaids and so many special women from my life in a time of prayer.
* Susan, Meredith, and Alex didn't pray with us in person, because they did about 2 million other little things and were the most beautiful, gracious, welcoming attendants in the history of weddings.
* "Jesus, You are the one, the one who makes life beautiful...." as said about Josh, Anna, and my sweet brother Sam in the prelude music.
* Brian and Rich...we loved everything about our wedding ceremony with 2 favorite pastors.
* After we took communion, we stepped to the side (literally) as the sacrament was administered to our guests. It was amazing to literally get out of the way and let Christ take center stage.
* As we were waiting on communion to conclude, Brad kissed me. Yep, that's right. we totally cheated and missed me minutes before the minister told him he could.
* You are the sun! I could not have picked a better first dance song!
* "In so far as I have possessed the keys to the wonders of this universe, I have allowed free use of them to you..." my daddy's toast still brings tears to my eyes as I blog.
* Ogle entertainment lighting - WOW! WOW! WOW!
* Rex Bradford Jones. Exceptional catering. Exceptional menu. Exceptional cake. If you are getting married in Knoxville or planning any event ever, call this man. Fabulous. Freakin' Fabulous.
* Sweet Pea and Powder. All the little details - from the napkins to the sapphire broaches adorning the wedding cake. Thanks Kathy - you made the honorary daughter's wedding wonderful.
* Converse. Converse. Those girls remembered the lyrics to our alma mater.
* The Junior League Transfers. The TKEs. The Team In Training friends. So many special groups of people in one place.
* "I will stand by you FOREVER!" Rachael was there in spirit.
* "This day must be the very best day of my life." So sweet to sing in a circle of hugs and love.
* We saw our precious parents just before we walked out the door to OAR and a mass of friends and bubbles and Matt, Brian, and Karkau rushing at our get away car.
* Maine. Amazing. Wonderful honeymoon.
* I want to do the week before and after our wedding over and over and over again.

...and too many other things to mention. I loved it. I love married life even more.
* Standing in the parlor of the church, with just my father, I was trying to take in every moment.

Monday, September 6, 2010

On the move...Ktown Katie

Coming soon, to a computer near you...
...It's Almost Blogging Time in Tennessee!
Over the past 2 months, I have been honeymooning, program planning, and unpacking. Now, I am excited to announce that I will be back to blogging soon. I am relaunching with a new name and a new url. It's Ktown Katie. So, reset your RSS and bookmarks to
You can still access all the old posts, and hear about how things are unfolding:

New Life.
New Ministry.

In the meantime, tell me what you want to hear about!
See you soon!