Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 542: Sewanee n' Stuff

To celebrate my husband's birthday, we headed out for a day of driving and discovering. Brad grew up going to Sewanee often. So, we headed down I-75 to explore. Here are a few of the things we found...

The University of the South
Possibily the South's most impressive campus. (Well, if you don't include Converse, of course...)

"Good times, good food, since 1974." Easy place to kick back.

Picture perfect mountaintop

Mountain Outfitters
The local's place for the best in gear.

St. Andrews School
Part of the Domain of the University of the South

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 538: Fast Lunch

This Lent season, 2nd Pres members are fasting the mid-day meal every Thursday. It's been a neat reminder and a practical way for me to welcome the Lord into more space in my day. Some church members are also coming together for a time of devotion, solitude, and fellowship.
This week, I shared the thoughts below from a new favorite blog,, authored by one of my Converse classmates, Nicole. This is reminds me, what really feeds me.

...I was reminded of the power of His Word and its sufficiency. There is so much reading at my fingertips these days, that I often forget the fact that the truest story, the best story is also the oldest story. I guess at times I can assume that because I’ve already the Bible through a number of times, it’s now old hat. I think that some email or blog post or book or article has more for me at this moment than those ancient words. I forget that God’s Word is living and active…more alive than any person living now. His Word is more relevant to me than any recent story or message...


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 536: Bradley's

I have had there Chocolate. But i had never been inside.

Now, I have.

And I am in love!

In love with the Chocolate...

And in love with all their gift items...

In love.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 535: The report from Moultrie

While was home over Spring Break, Brad was off serving leading college kids on a service project! Here's an article about all the awesome work the Cross Greek Campus ministry did last week.

A group of 78 University of Tennessee students invaded Moultrie Monday with hammers and paint brushes in hand. The students, members of The Cross ministry, are spending the week in Moultrie for their spring break doing mission projects. They began work Monday on at least four separate projects. Continue reading->


Shout out to Sara!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 528-534: Spring Break

During Knox County Spring Break, more than the schools close down. The city was quiet. The church was peaceful. I was at rest. I do like to be busy, but it was nice to have a week to sit, work, plan, think, clean, and sassed up for Spring.

1. Here are a few of things i did while everyone else seemed to be out of town: Worked on long range planning and a year by year objectives plan for our children's ministry.

2. Continued course work toward my certificate in non-profit management at the University of Tennessee.

3. Clean out all my closets, making room for spring and summer clothes.

4. Fell in love with my spring and summer wardrobe and (not to be too personal) celebrated the fact that I have not gained weight during the first few months of marriage (so many people warned me, but Brad and I have both prevailed).

5. Ran. A lot.

6. While I ran, day dreamed. Big.

7. Walked with Janetta, Kris, and my husband.

8. Got new pillows, pulled out a wedding gift bedding, and gave our room a redo. It look fabulous.

9. Read lots of blogs about decorating, Jesus, and Emily’s trip to Germany.

10. Taught Harding Japanese and enrolled him in art classes.

11. Best of all, I had a wonderful dinner with my family and this YouTube quiz:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 529: Stefano's

Chicago style pizza.
Lunch with my husband.
And it is UT spring break, so there is no traffic on the strip.

I'll take a slice with peppers and mushrooms.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 527: Rugby, Tennessee

Perfect. Relaxing. Weekend.

That is what it was. And the highlight was an imprumptu trip to the wonderful, hisotric colony of Rugby, Tennessee. It is ust over an hour from our house, but seemed a world away.

Here is what is looked like on Saturday, the day the village "reopened" for Spring!

Source for 2 images above

Source for above image of stained glass in Christ Chapel

Historic Rugby Vision
British-founded Rugby, Tennessee, is a rare example of a rural, living community that survives from its 1880s utopian beginnings with its town plan intact, many buildings and its natural setting preserved and with no encroaching incompatible development. This is the result of a long chain of human effort to preserve it, inspired by its founder's vision of equality and cooperation, community planning and natural resources stewardship. Rugby and its heritage must be preserved for all time and shared with this and future generations.

I was seriously ready to move into this historic utopia. It was a picture of true community.
The entire way home, I kept asking Brad, "Can we please just go back to Rugby?"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 526: Glass Bazaar

Friday I wen tot one of my favorite shops in Bearden and a realized - I have not blogged about this yet!
It is the Glass Bazaar! Located on Bearden Hill, they have more than everything you need for your kitchen, for entertaining, and for gift giving. It is also a great place for advice on products and creative table spacing ideas. Or you can take a cooking class there - which I would love to do! Friday, I picked up some cute and versitle wicker chargers, I used them for a dinner party that night. Plus, I think they will be a nice mix to dress down our fine china for Easter. I also put some cute monogrammed coffee mugs on my "wish list." In case anyone is looking for a birthday idea for me...


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 224: The Southern Market

a. I finally have a monogrammer I like here in Knoxville that is timely, reasonably priced, and convenient.
b. She works out of the Southern Market
c. I could love at the Southern Market
d. How have i not blogged about this yet?

The Shops at the Southern Market is a unique collection of interior design shops. It included Initially Amy Faye, fabulous pillows, great hostess gifts, nice serving pieces, great art, and lots and lots of local specialities!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 521: Rachel's Shower

Guacamole. Brittany's perfect recipe. Because the bride loves avocados.

"Sweet Sushi." In honor of the first date.

Apple Pie. Our bride's favorite dessert.

Laura's cheese ball recipe, made by Laurie. It's the grooms favorite...we had it even though he was not there.

Chicken Salad. Great chicken salad. The bride's recipe.

Carrots. Because we thought we should have something healthy.

Rasberry Coffee with White Chocalote Creamer. It makes the world go round.

Red. Our bride's wine of choice.

Green Tea. Hot and cold, because because the bride loves both.

It was a perfect menu for a perfect shower. There is something so personal about a wedding shower. Every bride is so different. And being on this side of marriage, I realize more and more the unique gifts of each couple and each marriage. And in our new home, I realize more and more about engaging personalized attention to detail in our own ministry of hospitality.

On Sunday, our house was the setting for a cozy getting together of 25 women who love Rachel and are so excited she'll be marrying Ethan in a matter of weeks. I never imagined so many people could fit in our living room so well. And Rachel said she was so blessed by all the pictures, notes, and gifts that guests contributed that afternoon.

It was so fun to through the shower with Holly and Brittany. So wonderful to celebrate with women of 2nd. So delightful to watch Kylie and Blakely, from our children's ministry, be our little gift runners. And most of all, such a blessing to get to pray over this bride-to-be and their upcoming marriage.

My the Lord continue to work in them and through them, for His glory!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 518-520: Bag A Bargain

This entire weekend was full of Bags and Bargains. So come and help the Junior League of Knoxville celebrate the 25th anniversary of this giant one-day rummage sale! Funds raised support the Junior League’s 20 plus community programs. The sale includes new and gently used items offered at bargain prices.

Where: Jacob Building in Chilhowee Park
When: Saturday, March 5, 2011
What time: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Or, check it out early with the Preview Party Friday, March 4, 2011!