Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 528-534: Spring Break

During Knox County Spring Break, more than the schools close down. The city was quiet. The church was peaceful. I was at rest. I do like to be busy, but it was nice to have a week to sit, work, plan, think, clean, and sassed up for Spring.

1. Here are a few of things i did while everyone else seemed to be out of town: Worked on long range planning and a year by year objectives plan for our children's ministry.

2. Continued course work toward my certificate in non-profit management at the University of Tennessee.

3. Clean out all my closets, making room for spring and summer clothes.

4. Fell in love with my spring and summer wardrobe and (not to be too personal) celebrated the fact that I have not gained weight during the first few months of marriage (so many people warned me, but Brad and I have both prevailed).

5. Ran. A lot.

6. While I ran, day dreamed. Big.

7. Walked with Janetta, Kris, and my husband.

8. Got new pillows, pulled out a wedding gift bedding, and gave our room a redo. It look fabulous.

9. Read lots of blogs about decorating, Jesus, and Emily’s trip to Germany.

10. Taught Harding Japanese and enrolled him in art classes.

11. Best of all, I had a wonderful dinner with my family and this YouTube quiz:

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