Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 527: Rugby, Tennessee

Perfect. Relaxing. Weekend.

That is what it was. And the highlight was an imprumptu trip to the wonderful, hisotric colony of Rugby, Tennessee. It is ust over an hour from our house, but seemed a world away.

Here is what is looked like on Saturday, the day the village "reopened" for Spring!

Source for 2 images above

Source for above image of stained glass in Christ Chapel

Historic Rugby Vision
British-founded Rugby, Tennessee, is a rare example of a rural, living community that survives from its 1880s utopian beginnings with its town plan intact, many buildings and its natural setting preserved and with no encroaching incompatible development. This is the result of a long chain of human effort to preserve it, inspired by its founder's vision of equality and cooperation, community planning and natural resources stewardship. Rugby and its heritage must be preserved for all time and shared with this and future generations.

I was seriously ready to move into this historic utopia. It was a picture of true community.
The entire way home, I kept asking Brad, "Can we please just go back to Rugby?"

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