Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 521: Rachel's Shower

Guacamole. Brittany's perfect recipe. Because the bride loves avocados.

"Sweet Sushi." In honor of the first date.

Apple Pie. Our bride's favorite dessert.

Laura's cheese ball recipe, made by Laurie. It's the grooms favorite...we had it even though he was not there.

Chicken Salad. Great chicken salad. The bride's recipe.

Carrots. Because we thought we should have something healthy.

Rasberry Coffee with White Chocalote Creamer. It makes the world go round.

Red. Our bride's wine of choice.

Green Tea. Hot and cold, because because the bride loves both.

It was a perfect menu for a perfect shower. There is something so personal about a wedding shower. Every bride is so different. And being on this side of marriage, I realize more and more the unique gifts of each couple and each marriage. And in our new home, I realize more and more about engaging personalized attention to detail in our own ministry of hospitality.

On Sunday, our house was the setting for a cozy getting together of 25 women who love Rachel and are so excited she'll be marrying Ethan in a matter of weeks. I never imagined so many people could fit in our living room so well. And Rachel said she was so blessed by all the pictures, notes, and gifts that guests contributed that afternoon.

It was so fun to through the shower with Holly and Brittany. So wonderful to celebrate with women of 2nd. So delightful to watch Kylie and Blakely, from our children's ministry, be our little gift runners. And most of all, such a blessing to get to pray over this bride-to-be and their upcoming marriage.

My the Lord continue to work in them and through them, for His glory!

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